Challenges of Implementing Quality of Care into Practice

Challenges of Implementing Quality of Care into Practice

among Care Providers for People with Complex Needs

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-09-03 )

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The book outlines the pressure on care provider who must meet the expectations of service users, their families and regulators . The demand for quality in healthcare has never been higher. With growing numbers of people with severe and complex needs, and with the introduction of new care acts and changes in regulations, care providers are under a constant pressure to meet the specific needs of the population, while at the same time adhering to the quality standards set up by the regulators. A number of barriers to effective care were identified, including staff shortages, funding and effective communication. The research aims to identify the challenges experienced by care providers in implementing quality of care in practice in the case of persons with complex needs. This aim is achieved by considering the perspectives of different stakeholders in the process: care providers, health professionals, professional carers’, and people with complex needs. The exploration of different perspectives provides new insights into overcoming such challenges and contributes to the potential for improvement of care services for people with complex needs.

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Olan Ajayi

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