Identity construction in youth scenes

Identity construction in youth scenes

Patchwork and Otakism as modern strategies of life

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2020-03-27 )

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Living and growing up in the 21st century takes place under the sign of globalization. Young people are constantly confronted with new opportunities and risks, which permanently require them to make decisions. Integration into social structures is also placed in the personal responsibility of the individual. Youth scenes, thematically focused social networks, are themselves products of the globalised world and are becoming increasingly important for young people. This study examines the extent to which participation in youth scenes can influence the individual in the construction of his or her identity. The focus is on two modern identity strategies: patchwork and otakism. These are considered to be two diametrically opposed ways of dealing with modern and complicated living conditions, which allow for a way of life that is adapted to the circumstances of the world around us as well as to individual resources and needs. With the Otaku identity, a form of alternative identity finding that has so far been neither defined nor empirically investigated is addressed for the first time.

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