What is Reality ? A Modern Explaination of Holy Trinity

What is Reality ? A Modern Explaination of Holy Trinity

Thou sayest..., that I should bear witness unto the truth,.... Pilate said unto him, what is truth? KJV John 18:36-37

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-07-10 )

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This book divides Reality into three (3) parts, which is the reflection of the Truth itself, consisting of three Persons as One True God. So, the answer to the question “What is Reality?”, is stated in this book as consisting of three interrelated but distinguished realities, namely, Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual Realities. And how and why we need a balance of them in-themselves as well as between them to experience a life ordained by our Lord God.The book opens with the answer to the question asked by Time Magazine in its 1968 edition “Is God Dead?” And the answer is “No”, along with my personal experiences of the three realities during my lifetime.The innovators and inventors that made it possible knew this fact, “that when they brought the physical, intellectual and digital (spiritual) realities together, they controlled and commanded nature”. The book then dives into discussing the different realities and the effect of evil on it.The use of non-biblical personalities, such as Steve Jobs in the chapter on Intellectual Reality is done, to convince the reader of the Universality of the claim made in this book and to re-frame the question of God’s relationship with Man.

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