Football and beer commercials

Football and beer commercials

Analysis of the Connection Between Commercials for Beer and Football

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-12-05 )

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This paper represents only one possible view of the relationship between two major and significant phenomena whose coexistence has predominantly characterized the last century and a half of human history. The text deals with the relationship between football and beer, apropos, the selection of certain fragments and the moments that form this connection. The reason for the writing was the interest of the author's tandem in some of the examples related to this very broad topic. Seeing the dimensions and width of the topic, the co-authors decided to list and elaborate on some of the details that they found most interesting in order to evoke a strong connection between the two phenomena. One of the curiosities of this paper is the view of the functioning of certain advertising activities within the marketing of the local brewery Trebjesa that produces Niksic beer. The original intention was to decode and discover the relationship between the connection and the simultaneous popularity of football and beer, and how in the modern era it has been used for advertising and sponsorship products between major beer brands and football clubs and teams.

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Nikola Vukčević
Luka Rakojević

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Advertisement, marketing