Translation of Five Tales of “Panchatantra”

Translation of Five Tales of “Panchatantra”

In the light of its impact on the world literature

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-10-08 )

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We find that the famous writer, La Fontaine (1621-1695) who was leading the pioneers of French literature, gleaned from the fountains of culture and wisdom of India, and influenced by the stories of "Panchatantra". This was as mentioned by Ḥusain Wā‘iz Kāshifī in the book: "Anwār Suhailī", who presented the translation done by Abu Al-Maʿālī Našrullah Muḥammad b. ‘Abd Al-Ḥamīd b. Yaḥyā, in a new form (around the year 1144), and handed it to Prince Suhail Aḥmad in his reign, and he attributed to him by the name: Suhayli lights. La Fontaine was influenced by this book and then the book of Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ was translated into the languages ​​of the world. It is notable that "Panchatantra" has a profound impact in changing the course of wisdom, as the birds, wild animals and beasts pronounce and speak, and the imagination and art enters in the formulation of the way leads to the rules of wisdom. La Fontaine says: "The lands of the East are the cradle of multiplied stories and parables on the tongues of animals and birds, especially, India is the cradle of these stories that spread across the earth and moved to the country of China, Tibet and reached Europe in ancient times.”

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