Safe work of an IT-specialist

Safe work of an IT-specialist

Or how to determine your sensitivity to the EMR radio frequency range?

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-08-14 )

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Electromagnetic security is an actual problem of the present in connection with the rapid development and implementation of radio engineering. Prospects for widespread use of electromagnetic fields require increased safety measures for human health and life. The present book includes of four chapters that express the following briefly: CHAPTER ONE: This chapter describes the current state of the problem of the safety of IT-specialists. CHAPTER TWO: This chapter presents the results of experimental studies on the effect of EMR radio frequency on the central and autonomic mechanisms of regulation of homeostasis of the human body. CHAPTER THREE: This chapter provides a method for determining the sensitivity of the human body to the radio frequency spectrum EMR and its significance for the individual prevention of occupational disease, radio wave rationing and professional selection of IT specialists. CHAPTER FOUR: This chapter provides some preventive ways to increase the resistance of the human body to radio wave radiation.

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Lyubov Sergeeva
Dmitriy Olenev
Olexandr Valchenko

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