Ionic conduction properties of titanium based nanoceramics

Ionic conduction properties of titanium based nanoceramics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-06-05 )

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Materials science and engineering plays a vital role in this modern age of science and technology. Titanium based electronic ceramic materials show good electrical, optical and dielectric properties. The book describes the ionic conduction properties of titanium based nanomaterials synthesized using modified combustion technique. These materials find applications in biomedical, electro-optical, solid oxide fuel cells, solar cells, communication and optical systems. Ionic conduction in a crystalline material is mainly due to the concentration of impurities, dopants and point defects in the crystalline lattice. In ionic solids, while carrier concentration is independent of temperature (within extrinsic region), however the mobility is strongly affected by temperature. Ionic conduction properties of some titante compounds with varied temperature are described. This book, therefore, shed light on the practical usefulness of some minerals especially that are reported in chapter 3 and chapter 5. The properties of these materials can be tailored by suitable doping and substitution and also by mixing compounds in particular proportions. This type of an effort is carried out in chapter 4.

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