The Evolution of Art

The Evolution of Art

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-05-22 )

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Archaeal endosymbiosis results in the cortical atrophy and dominance of cerebellum result in loss of cortical neuronal function and increased extrasensory perception mediated by archaeal magnetite. This results in dominant spiritual behaviours where one comes into contact with the eternal and archetypes. This results in a literature of transcendence. This produces what is called as magic realism of writers like Gabriel Marquez. The literature explores the evil depths of the human soul. This results in a dominance of sexual, violent, obscene and evil in literature as seen in post modern literature. This has also a reflection in art of painting, dance and music. Painting, dance and music become surreal and the rationality of the cortex regulating it is lost. This results in psychedelic and rock music as well as the surrealistic abstract art of Picasso. Dance forms also take violent, obscene, chaotic forms. This is an art of the surrealistic acephalic irrational world in the realm of senses driven by obscenity. This type of art and literature correlates with the androgynous creativity.

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Ravikumar Kurup
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