The Origin of Evil, Cruelty and Terrorism

The Origin of Evil, Cruelty and Terrorism

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-05-22 )

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The idea of goodness is based on reason and logic. Reason judgment and logic is a function of the cerebral cortex especially the prefrontal lobe. Prefrontal lobe function needs dynamic synaptic connectivity which is produced by jumping genes mediated by human endogenous retroviral sequences. Goodness is correlated with heaven. The idea of evil is based on the unconscious and the impulsive behavior related to subcortical areas especially the cerebellum. The cerebellum is the site of impulsive behavior and the unconscious behavior. The cerebellar and subcortical brain connections are predominantly archaeal colony networks. The idea of evil is related to hell. The idea of conscious judgmental acts and unconscious impulsive acts, heaven and hell, goodness and evil are juxtapositions. The global warming and exposure to low level of EMF leads to actinidic archaeal growth in the brain and increased archaeal magnetite mediated perception of low level of EMF. This leads to prefrontal cortex atrophy and cerebellar dominance. The conscious becomes minimal and unconscious brain takes over.

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Ravikumar Kurup
Parameswara Achutha Kurup

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General Natural Sciences