Are Religious-Humans Special Enough To Engage In Transhumanism

Are Religious-Humans Special Enough To Engage In Transhumanism

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-05-16 )

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In this script, the author takes a pragmatic view that although human frailties and limitations cannot be called good, they are nonetheless vindicated by religious-humans. He writes for all religious-humans with the question amalgamated in the mentioned title who assumes religious-humans condition and thereby already transcends it for them if only, they will remain creaturely. Therefore, is it the author's opinion that religious and spiritual-humans, and in the context of this scrip transhumanists, are seeking transcendence albeit that they are wary of transhumanism, not because they oppose going beyond the present but because they oppose going beyond being human. And therein lies his hermeneutical question of why, or even better, ‘why not’? The author indicates, that this ‘why’/ 'why not’, should be asked by religious and spiritual-scholars and believers in their quest to find the meaning of their religious or spiritual evolutionary process and progress, as they are living in a very diverse as well as an anticipated Hope-reality, of what the age of technological enhancement can prepare humans for, in-and-during their religious and spiritual time and Space of their lives lived.

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Johan A. van Rooyen

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Religion / Theology