Effect of Board Monitoring Mechanisms on Audit Quality

Effect of Board Monitoring Mechanisms on Audit Quality

Of Listed Manufacturing Firm in Nigeria

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-06-05 )

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Accounting scandals that have been experienced in the past years both in the developed and developing nations have sent shock waves all over the world, and these have drawn the attention of investors, creditors, financial analysts and the general public towards the audit quality. These financial scandals have necessitated a number of investigations into the effectiveness of the board monitoring mechanisms on audit quality thereby leading to a demand for high-quality audits. In the same vein, the failures of major corporations have brought disdain and disappointment to investors, creditors, and the general public and have made them to question the quality of audit and conclude that audited financial statements are poor. Therefore, this study investigates the effect of board monitoring mechanisms on audit quality of listed manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The study population consists 59 listed manufacturing firms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange as at 31st December, 2017, out of which 32 firms were selected and form the sample size. Logistic regression analysis was employed to analyze the data and test the hypotheses.

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