The Political Elite

The Political Elite

Theory, History, Leadership

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-05-17 )

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In the present work, the most fundamental problems of elitism as a political theory are considered in the historical, logical and political sense. Initially, the subject focuses on some fundamental theoretical and methodological aspects, which first "clear" part of the false and unscientific perceptions of the notions of "power", "class", "elite", "oligarchy," etc., on the basis of which their scientific definitions are derived. In this context, the notions of "political class" and "political elite" have been subjected to precise theoretical analysis and rationalization, whose essential dimensions – from the essence and structure to their classifications – are also the main objective of the current research. Besides, the analysis is unfolded by the ancient ideas of the elite through the Renaissance to contemporary theories of neoelitarianism. Some understandings about the political elite and state leadership are also criticized. A special place is devoted to the political oligarchy as an important theoretical phenomenon, which does not yet have any significant theoretical attention. The book is intended for scholars, experts, public figures, politicians, journalists and others.

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Georgi Manolov

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Political science