Composite Structure of Human Mind

Composite Structure of Human Mind

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-02-07 )

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HuPoTest is a mental test and training procedure continuously developed over more than 50 years. During long experience with HuPoTest on a large number of persons, I was able to observe that mind can not be in the same extent focused on the imposed measurements. HuPoTest is able to quantitatively establish the active and inactive parts of the mind during the test. This means that mind has a composite structure according to topoenergetic principles developed and extensively applied to a large variety of transforming systems. The book presents succinctly, but suggestively the main topoenergetic principles with application on important examples with the view to better understand their significance. HuPoTest operating instructions, significance of the calculated parameters and personal results are presented and commented in detail revealing the composite structure of mind. Continuously degradation of human mind in correlation with uncontrolled growth of population are the main problems of humankind leading to imminent global conflict. Only individuals with properly trained minds will be through survivors, so HuPoTest represents the right procedure to improve and maintain human minds.

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Gheorghe Dragan

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Practical psychology