Socionic vision on Bioethics and Deontology

Socionic vision on Bioethics and Deontology

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-01-09 )

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The book is devoted to the use of socionic typology in medicine. It has 5 chapters. The 1st one is devoted to the basic provisions of Socionics, which are important to establish an effective system of communication. The author presents methods of influencing the work of medical staff in the context of a conflict environment, which allows to predict the degree of compatibility and to create a comfortable atmosphere using human resources wisely. The problem of managing the conflict between doctors and patients is very actual nowadays, because there are a lot of complaints. Socionic instruments are very useful for conflict resolution. It is reasonable to organize a communicative environment taking into account the interaction of psychotypes. Correctly matched interpersonal relations will help to improve the behavior of interacting parties. The book presents a description of psychotypes and examples of the consequences of the situations of their interaction in the process of medical expertise. The book is addressed to a wide range of readers, including healthcare workers, social workers, psychologists, human resources specialists and others.

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Vitaly Berdutin

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