Color Coded Structured Light based Range Scanners

Color Coded Structured Light based Range Scanners

Designing an Embedded System

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-08-19 )

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In this book, we focus on developing a system that can scan shiny and matte objects under ambient light. Therefore, we propose color invariant based single stripe, binary, ternary, and quaternary coded structured light based range scanners. We hypothesize that, by using color invariants we can eliminate the effect of highlights and ambient light in the scanning process. Therefore, we can extract the range data of shiny and matte objects in a robust manner. We implemented these scanners using a TI DM6437 EVM board with a flexible system setup such that the user can select the scanning type. Furthermore, we implemented a TI MSP430 microcontroller based rotating table system that accompanies our scanner. By the help of this system, we can obtain the range data of the target object from different viewpoints. We also implemented a range image registration method to obtain the complete object model from the range data extracted. We tested our scanner system on various objects and provided their range and model data.

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Rıfat Benveniste
Cem Ünsalan

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