Densification of Crop Residues Based Complete Feed for Livestock

Densification of Crop Residues Based Complete Feed for Livestock

Comparative Nutritive Evaluation of Non Conventional Roughage Based Complete Feed Block and Mash in Sheep

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-07-28 )

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In developing countries, where there is a severe shortage of feed and fodder, the complete feed system would help in utilizing locally available crop residues and in supplying of readymade, balanced complete feed for ruminants. In these countries, every year millions of tones of crop residues are transported from the area of surplus to deficit region and may increase too many fold under draught years. Transportation, handling and storage of these roughages are uneconomical due to their low bulk density. Under such circumstances, augmentation of feed and fodder utilization through complete feed system and suitable mechanical processing or densification of biomaterial is the need of hour to provide adequate balance feed to animals and to raise animal production. Complete Feed Block technology can be used as an effective tool for drought proofing in arid area. The complete feed block technology is a noble way to increase the efficiency of nutrient utilization from poor quality crop residues and to provide the adequate balanced ration to the animal at the time of scarcity. The concept of complete feed block could be a useful and dependable strategy for sustainable livestock production.

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition