Christian leadership from a Cameroonian Perspective

Christian leadership from a Cameroonian Perspective

An exegetical study of Jn 13:4

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-21 )

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Christian leadership is not necessarily leadership from Christians, but Leadership in the likeness of Christ.According to Jesus'' prescription, leadership is service and humility. Most of the world''s crisis are as a result of poor leadership. Leadership intervenes in all domains of life, irrespective of age or sex. The world would be a better place if its leaders were conscious of what it meant to be leaders. Jesus set four examplary principles in leadership. Although he knew he would be betrayed, he did not retaliate nor exclude Judas in the worshing of feet. Secondly,he robbed himself of any obstacle or leader''s identification (his outer garments)so as to be ready for service. By removing his garment of identification, he did not cease to be Master. Thirdly, Jesus knew where he was going- to the Father, yet he opted to do the most mean job by being of service to his disciples. Jesus did what his disciples were supposed to have done to him, as their Master.A leader must be ready to serve, and not to be served. Lastly, he became humble before his students, teaching them what is right. By doing that, he left a legacy. To be a leader means to emulate Christ.

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