Ethiopia with diverse soil and climate comprising several agro-ecological regions provides ample opportunity to grow a variety of horticulture crops.onion(Allium cepa L.)is considered as one of the most important horticultural crops produced on large scale in Ethiopia. This crop forms a significant part of total agricultural produce in the country.The extension of producing onion in Ethiopia is due to its increment using as seasoning in table food and due to its significance contribution in promoting health. Even though the fact on ground is this production system and productivity of the crop is not well advanced nor competitive at continental and world level. it is obvious that agricultural problems can be solved by research works. Therefore, it is in line with this research was designed and conducted at Gode among the most harsh (dry and arid area) environment in Ethiopia where pastoral farming system is practiced.But there is one opportunity to produce by irrigation from Wabeshebelle river which passes through and this research show and demonstrate farmers of the area the possibility of irrigation farming system by using the available resource and beyond this stay as good source.

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Weldemariam Seifu Gessesew

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition