Consequential Macroeconomics

Consequential Macroeconomics

Rationalizing About How Our Social System Works

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-02-02 )

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The 240 year old problem of making macroeconomics a true science at last has been solved! Past macroeconomics theories have never properly modeled our social structure. Their over-simplified results are unsatisfactory, whilst more recent computerized models are unsuitable for student understanding. This book presents a scientific, compact, but complete theory about how our social system actually works, viewed from sufficient a distance so as to capture all of it, whilst providing a good picture of its various activities. The assumptions and definitions allow construction of a seamless model, logical in its development and complete. Details given are of the circulating money, goods, services and valuable documents, with many original ideas in the subsequent analyses. The book is suitable for students of economics who wish to avoid the confusion of past explanations. They should have some acquaintance with economics and high-school mathematics, to include elementary matrices and the notation of the calculus. This book is useful for teaching purposes, because of its more general terminology (with definitions) than before. The development also opens the way for research.

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David Harold Chester

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