Choral Singing in Human Culture and Evolution

Choral Singing in Human Culture and Evolution

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-03-24 )

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The central theme of this book -The origins of human choral singing - is discussed in the wide interdisciplinary context of the origins of music, evolution of human intelligence, language, speech, distribution of stuttering, dyslexia, and acquisition of phonological system by children from different cultures. Scholars view about the first edition of this book : - SIMHA AROM, CNRS, France : " I totally agree with the main idea of Joseph Jordania about the ancient origins of choral singing and its gradual disappearance. To my opinion also,there is no "evolution" from monophonic to polyphonic singing, and I was glad to see that the argumentation of this idea is so strong and logic" . - STEVEN BROWN, Simon Fraser University,Canada :"Joseph Jordania’s book is a masterpiece of comparative musicology by a person with an amazing knowledge base. As a co-editor of the book “The Origins of Music”(2000),I am thrilled to finally see a true work of comparative musicology appear after many decades of neglect. This is the kind of material that people,from psychology to evolutionary biology, need to ponder as to incorporate music into the emerging picture of human evolution".

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