Organizational culture and emotional intelligence in school

Organizational culture and emotional intelligence in school

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-03-30 )

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The study of the social psychological aspects of organizations has been underway for a few decades. Research has centered on the study of the performance, efficiency, and determinant features of economic organizations. Their results inspired several studies in the 21st century that explored the organizational psychology of public educational institutions, with special emphasis on the relationship between the efficiency of the organization in the light of student success, the idiosyncrasies of the organization, and academic efficiency. This book offers an in-depth analysis of organizational culture focusing on the relationship between individual characteristics such as emotional intelligence and conflict management strategies, and the specific features of organizational culture. The study pays special attention to whether there exists a direct relationship between the emotional intelligence patterns of the members of the organization, in this case the faculty, and the culture of the organization. Results prove that there is both direct and indirect relationship between the nature of organizational culture and emotional intelligence.

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Laszlo Balazs

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Practical psychology