An Insight on Mobile Friendly Web

An Insight on Mobile Friendly Web

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2013-02-04 )

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of creating a mobile friendly and optimized website. Understand how the mobile optimized website drives greater levels of adoption, usage, accessibility and conversion for business and personal purposes. The advent of mobile integration as a wide spread standard, and the application evolution has created another example of how the demand and consumption of technology is driving the growth of this sector. Audiences that consume the mobile web are forcing organizations and companies of every kind to adopt mobility as the future for marketing, brand recognition, e-commerce and communication strategies to name a few aspects. Mobile friendly websites provide integrated features like click to call, GPS mapping along with the capture, processing, uploading and sharing of information, and content easily and effectively. The benefits of a mobile friendly website create a "wow" factor that is addictive, engaging and "sticky." This Research includes an example of complete life cycle to create a mobile friendly website for the computer science department by conducting a survey across multiple departments at San Diego State University.

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Arvind Morwal

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