Preparing Teachers for Inclusive Education: the English Approach

Preparing Teachers for Inclusive Education: the English Approach

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2013-01-15 )

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This book explores the process of preparing teachers for inclusive education.The author draws insight from a research study on the English education system and then generates lessons for the countries of the South as they attempt to reform their education curricula in favour of inclusive education. A special reference is made to Zambia as a point of reflection. The book is consistent with the international community's strong thrust towards the concept of inclusive education. In particular, the United Nations organisations have argued that the principle of inclusive education should be at the centre of education reforms in order to address the challenges of exclusion. This would suggest that teacher education should be at the core of inclusive education development. However, there is no consensus on how teachers should be prepared for for it, leaving many education systems perpetuating practices that lead to marginalisation and exclusion of some learners. To this effect, this book serves as a catalyst in the implementation of inclusive education. It is a must read for schools, colleges, universities, teacher educators, education planners, inclusive education activists and scholars.

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Francis Simui

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