Short Stories of Anita Desai, Jai Nimbkar, and Shashi Deshpande

Short Stories of Anita Desai, Jai Nimbkar, and Shashi Deshpande

A Study on Human Relations

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-11-07 )

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"Wife and husband are like two lights that shine more brightly together". "We never diverge: we leave and we arrive together. Is that not love? No marriage was closer". "They were sure of themselves, sure of me. They merely gave me the chance to find out what they knew all along. I am their daughter". The most important aspect of human life is one’s relations with others in the society. A person is greatly reflected in how others view him/her. It is true that young and old, children and parents - all expose themselves, at certain times, to different behaviors which become difficult to deal with. These behaviors are the result of the relationships people maintain with others. However, experiencing and understanding these behaviors is essential to build one’s own character and to know one’s own self. Short story is one of the best genres to study human relations and behaviors. The present book focuses on the select stories of the three writers throwing light on various aspects of their writing and how the writers view human relations. The thesis also attempts to study the stories with reference to the techniques made use of.

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