Role of community forestry in rural development of Nepal

Role of community forestry in rural development of Nepal

Community Forest User Groups of Dovan, Palpa: Terai Arc Landscape

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-08-17 )

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This research publication highlights the socioeconomic and developmental aspects of the community forest user groups in Terai Arc Landscape of Nepal. Different indicators such as socio-economic status of the people involved in forest user groups,the impact of community forestry on the local environment and local developmental activities are presented in this book. The opportunity to participate in raising awareness and empowerment process is not equally distributed among different socio-economic groups. However,the overall socio-economic condition of the respondents in the study area has been improved in their living standard after the formation of community forest. The establishment of community forest and transformation of it's ownership to the locale not only created employment opportunity but also help to improve the forest management system. The Community Forest Program in Nepal has facilitated to reduce the rate of deforestation which ultimately support to increase the soil fertility and agricultural productivity.

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Bishnu Bahadur Khatri

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General Social sciences