Personality Development for College Students

Personality Development for College Students

Self-esteem, Assertiveness, Leadership, Creativity and Stress Management

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2012-05-10 )

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Personality of an individual is considered to be the intriguing factor for one’s success in life. Success in all endeavours is considered to be the hall mark of achievers. All of us strive to be successful in life, some achieve success on their own and others need to be helped to achieve success. Personality Development will increase Self-esteem, Memory, modify Leadership, help set clear Goals, be more Assertive, Creative, Motivated, and will be able to Manage Stress effectively. It was found to be quite a challenge to help develop Personality among Youths in Colleges. Therefore the Personality Development Module involves both Lectures and Training Methods was evolved and tried out among the students proved to be fruitful. This module will be most helpful to those college teachers who teach subjects other than Psychology and find it difficult to inculcate Personality Development among the students. Further this book will be handy to help, who wish to be Trainers especially for those with a Psychological base may be able to inculcate a wonderful modification into individuals thus resulting in the Personality Development of the target groups.

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A. Velayudhan
N.V. Amudhadevi

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