Antimutagents from plants

Antimutagents from plants

Or how to determine the antimutagenic properties of plants?

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2018-07-31 )

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In recent years, the topic of protecting people from the effects of mutagenic and carcinogenic environmental factors is relevant. Among plant extracts - some of them possess antimutagenic properties that can affect the repair processes in chromosomal damage in the cells of the human body. This book presents experimental ways to expand the number of antimutagens among medicinal and non-medicinal plants. This book will be useful for researchers and students of pharmaceutical and medical faculties. In addition, we also showed the use of plants and native DNA for environmental monitoring of mutagenic factors. The present book includes four chapters that express the following briefly: CHAPTER FIRST: This chapter shows how the approaches developed for environmental testing of mutagenic factors have revealed a new trend in research. CHAPTER TWO: This chapter shows studies of the antimutagenic properties of Ginkgo biloba. CHAPTER THREE: This chapter contains warnings for the preventive (not clinical) use of “Biovit”. CHAPTER FOUR: This chapter shows the results of experiments on plant extracts and a complete scheme of experiments is established.

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Lyubov Sergeeva
Victoria Sergeeva
Vira Olenieva

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