Managing Adult Education in a Semi Arid Environment

Managing Adult Education in a Semi Arid Environment

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2017-06-30 )

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The aim of this empirical research is to seek out the training courses adult education managers are provided with before and during their engagement particularly in semi-arid environment such as Turkana County, Kenya. The study also wish to know the major roles of the manager, the practices, challenges and ways to improve the management and ensure that expected outcome of the programme is achieved. The study was guided by Freire and Mezirow transformational learning theory which anchored on the learner centeredness, involvement, libration, empowerment and motivation among others. The study was carried out in 5 centers from 3 different organizations namely government, Catholic Church and bible society centers. Research findings revealed that though managers and majority of the facilitators were trained, there was limited induction and in-service training to update AEP staff. Poverty level is still very high and remains one of the major challenges of the programme. There are also limited teaching/learning facilities and inadequate funds. Among others, suggested solutions to the problems managers confront is provision of adequate funds by ACEP providers.

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Theresa Nneka Anikwata

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Education, Occupation, Career