Merjuste English Conversation

Merjuste English Conversation

Everyday Conversation Practice

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2021-04-16 )

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MERJUSTE ENGLISH Conversation Book 1 has been designed to help anyone who wants to speak English fluently. It is a way for beginners to introduce into great conversation, for intermediate to learn about every step that they have been taken to use a real conversation in everyday situation. And finally for advanced to look back in what they have been failed in communication or for the vocabulary that they didn’t care about. But now, it’s time to use them and see how you can use them in a real conversation. Those conversations are used in everyday life. We think it is important to you to make practice every day. While you are travelling, go to a meeting, work in English area, make an online research, talk to friend about your activities, what do you do in life, go to the market, MERJUSTE ENGLISH Conversation is what you need to do so. The contents of the book are built in our everyday experiences. By our teaching experiences, communications with friends, co-workers, classmates even on the street, we make it in one book to help you communicate in a better way. The book is designed with a CD that have 20 conversations in different topics, with a translation in Creole.

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Gregory Merjuste

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