Modern family planning use among refugees in West Nile, Uganda

Modern family planning use among refugees in West Nile, Uganda

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2019-04-09 )

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This book was written as a Masters Thesis for my Masters in Public Health Disaster Management at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. This was a cross sectional mixed method study. The study sought to document the Use of modern family planning methods among the South Sudanese refugees that were settled in Adjumani District, West Nile, Uganda. The prevalence and factors associated with use of modern family planning methods were the major objectives of the study. We found out that many women (6/10) had knowledge about modern family planning but only (2/10) were using a modern family planning method. Condoms and Pills were the most used methods. Religion, women's partners' approval and partners' education level influenced use of modern family planning. The health facilities that offer services to the refugee populations (Health Centers II, III, IV) mostly had the condoms, pills and injections. The long lasting family planning methods were not readily available. There is urgent need to provide comprehensive family planning services including short and long acting methods to displaced populations, services should target both women and men to increase acceptability and uptake.

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