The Two U.S. Think Tanks on Turkey

The Two U.S. Think Tanks on Turkey

The Brookings Institution and The Council on Foreign Relations’ Perceptions on JDP’s Foreign Policy (2002-2010)

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-12-27 )

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This study examines perspectives of the two influential U.S. think tanks, the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations, on Turkish foreign policy under the leadership of the Justice and Development Party (JDP) from 2002 to 2010. It attempts to analyze the perceptions of the noted institutions about the JDP’s foreign policy by referencing their reports, articles, interviews and seminars. The study had four aims. First, it aims to analyze the JDP’s foreign policy in the eyes of the two think tanks. Second, it shows the objective of the two institutions for shaping the framework of the discussions on the United States-Turkey relations and Turkish foreign policy by emphasizing the epistemic community. Third, this thesis intends to clarify divergences and convergences in the perceptions of the two institutions. Fourth, it indicates the continuity, change and rupture in the JDP’s foreign policy choices from the viewpoint of the Brookings Institution and the Council on Foreign Relations. Consequently, the thesis states that “the given framework” in the relations between the United States and Turkey has been largely determined by the U.S.’ activities.

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Berkay Gülen

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Comparative and international political science