Application of Vermicompost for crop cultivation in semi arid soil

Application of Vermicompost for crop cultivation in semi arid soil

Significance of Organic Farming

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2011-12-05 )

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Sustainable agriculture is one in which the goal is permanence, achieved through the utilization of renewable resources. This leads to development of concept of eco-friendly farming systems. Vermicomposts is one of the important aspects of organic farming which plays a major role in improving, growth and yield of different field crops, vegetables, flowers and fruits as well as improving the soil quality. Present study has been carried out in major soil group of Bundelkhand region of India belongs to semi arid condition with addition of different vermicompost and their impacts on performances of Vigna radiata L. Significant performances were found in cowdung based vermicompost in black soil as compare to red soil. The result of our experiment showed the application of vermicompost had positive effects on growth performances and yield as well as increase in nutrients uptake of experimental plant species. Study also sshowed that the application of vermicomposts gave significant higher gross income and net profit with more financial output in comparison to chemical fertilizers.

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Rajeev Kumar Niranjan
Amit Pal

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition