Radio Wave Propagation Modelling using Finite Element Method

Radio Wave Propagation Modelling using Finite Element Method

Novel approaches to model radio wave propagation and solve complex models efficiently using finite element analysis

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-10-21 )

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Fourth generation (4G) wireless communication systems are intended to support high data rates which requires careful and accurate modelling of the radio environment. In this book, finite element based accurate and computationally efficient models of wave propagation in different outdoor and indoor environments have been developed. Coverage diagrams, path loss contours and power levels were also calculated. Results obtained were compared with commercially available software Advanced Refractive Effects Prediction Software (AREPS) to validate the accuracy of the developed models. The models were very flexible in handling complex geometries and similar analysis can be easily extended to other environments. A fully vectored finite element base propagation model was developed for straight and curved tunnels. An optimum range of values of different electrical parameters for tunnels of different shapes has been derived. The results of this book will have a great impact in modelling and characterisation of future wireless communication systems.

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Kamran Arshad

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Electronics, electro-technology, communications technology