Diesel Fuel Additives

Diesel Fuel Additives

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-01-05 )

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The present book is intended to explain the fundamental principles of modified diesel fuels and also to explore the advantage of employing new technique in modification of fuel formulation and combustion performance. In this book, the effective parameters including the selection of additives with different molecular structures, type of Nano particles, blend composition of additives in diesel and conditions of engine operation are evaluated. We try that this book provide a complete overview of all the relevant literature but rather to focus on those types of diesel additives which are forecast to have the most significant impact in future applications. The chapters of this book differ considerably in depth and, in order to retain the perspectives of the various contributors, no uniformity has been sought in the presentation of the above subjects. For those chapters where the author has used English as a second language, the editing has been the responsibility of the publisher. I hope that the book will serve as a manual and reference for the industrial and scientist professional academic, while also providing enough basic feed to introduce students to the mentioned subject.

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Vahid Pirouzfar
Ahmad Fayyazbakhsh

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Chemical technology