The Practice, Opportunity and Challenges of Active Learning

The Practice, Opportunity and Challenges of Active Learning

Strategy in EFL classroom

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-04-15 )

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To change the world, one of the important weapons is education. It is known that without it nothing can happen. To impart it, we put different methods and strategies into practice. English as the second and foreign language students face problems in involving activities that held in the classroom. Passive engagement in the activities is assumed there are deficiencies that teacher fails to prescribe methodology in the teaching learning process. To handle this problem, and strive on student’s active involvement in the language skills, different scholars and researchers in the field of area proposed ample teaching methods. Among those methods, AL approach is one of the methods that lead the student to involve actively in the process. When students involve actively in the activities that performed in the classroom, they can discover the problem and develop confidence, interdependence, social and language skills by themselves. Therefore, this book gives room for students and teachers about the key role and merits of Active Learning. It also helps as springing board for those who work in the area in line with the theories and approaches of CLT.

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