Effect of physical training on the female athlete triad

Effect of physical training on the female athlete triad

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2015-05-07 )

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The female athlete triad (FAT) is a syndrome of three interrelated serious health disorders which include low energy availability with or without eating disorders, menstrual dysfunction and low bone mass. All female athletes are at risk for the triad or any of its components. However, FAT can also occur in non-athletic females who are not training or competing in a specific sport. Inadequate nutrition in combination with high caloric expenditure of sport training result in a sustained low energy availability which results in metabolic and hormonal disturbances such as menstrual irregularity and low bone mass. Early detection of FAT components is essential to prevent further development and worsening of the triad symptoms especially in adolescence because it is a critical period for optimizing bone mineral accrual. The physical therapists are an integral part of the interdisciplinary team that is involved in the care of female athletes. They have expertise in exercise metabolism, exercise prescription and sport biomechanics.Furthermore, the physical therapists bring additional expertise in the assessment and intervention of athletic and orthopedic injuries.

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