Glossary for Morgan’s International Construction Contract Management

Glossary for Morgan’s International Construction Contract Management

Legal / Contract Terms and Phrases

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-02-24 )

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This book is a useful study instrument almost like a dictionary to familiarize with basic terms and concepts used in Morgan's book (2005) in which serves as an invaluable general guide to manage the contract. TQA of Morgan’s book (2005) was my M.A. topic. Most of the English textbooks come with a glossary in the end of the book. In Morgan’s book definitions are through advisory statements but glossary could be helpful to readers to find the meaning of the words or phrases and keeping the track of ideas which expressed by the author. This study will carry out a survey on explanation of terms and phrases used in this book. Our main purpose was presenting a glossary for this book which is easy to use as words and specialized terms are typically listed in alphabetical order. Attention is focused on signification of the meaning and the usage of the contractual terms and words in contractual context through examples taken from the Morgan's book (2005) to avoid misunderstanding the concepts may be encountered in reading of this book by non-native speakers. This book could be used by contract engineers or translating students.

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Zhila Afshin
Kourosh Akef

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