The Method of Translation and Practices

The Method of Translation and Practices

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2016-11-09 )

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Communication is a way for human interacts with the other. In having communication, of course, understanding the various kinds of languages is the most importance one. One way to understand the different languages is by having translation. Translation is transferring a text (source language) into another language (target language) without changing the message. A translator should understand the message and written source language (SL) in order to transfer into target language (TL). Catford (1965:20) defined translation as the replacement of textual material in the other language (TL). Translation has many procedures or methods. So, in translating the translator may uses procedures in the process of doing both of the source language (SL) and target language (TL). Vinay and Darbelnet in Venuti (2000:84-93) mention that the method or procedure of translation can be divided into two covering procedures, they are (a) literal or direct translation and (b) oblique translation. In this book, the writer introduces a research of translation in English (SL) into in Bahasa Indonesia (TL). It is hoped that this research will give contribution for those who are interested in translation.

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