The International Relations between the USA and the EU

The International Relations between the USA and the EU

George W. Bush Presidency and Iraqi crisis in 2003

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-02-07 )

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The political relation between the USA and the EU started to be significantly visible in the face of the EU enlargement in 2004.Although European Common Foreign and Security Policy determine members'' states behaviour towards others on the international arena,the situation was different in the face of Iraqi crisis in 2003.This was a major political clash of interests between the USA and the EU,including internal political clash within the Union itself.This book presents a very significant analysis of the relations in the face of the conflict and its future perspectives for both actors.Its major focus point considers the development of individual relations of three major European players:Great Britain,France and Germany,along with developing Eastern-European partners and America.Relations are being analysed on the basis of the most important IR theories,such as Realism,Liberalism and Constructivism. Furthermore,the war in Iraq in 2003 is being analysed from the international politics point of view.The book will contribute for all interested in international relations along with foreign policy of the USA and the European Union.

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Filip Przybysz

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Comparative and international political science