Right of the Accuse in Iran under International Law

Right of the Accuse in Iran under International Law

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2013-05-31 )

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This book focuse on the general principles of criminal law, international law and structure of the most important rights of the accuse under international law the author then goes on to evaluate and offer criticism of the right of accuse in Iran and difficulties in enforcement of these rights . Each section adopts on effective two part structures which set out the principle of criminal law in domestic law and international law as well then goes on to describe the criminal procedure in Iran and Islamic approach on right of accuse this book has indicated to some instrument to apply of right accuse in Iran such as revolutionary court These tribunals ruled on "Islamic law", but were in practice unfair, biased, and the judges were inexperienced and often incompetent. Many people were executed or given harsh punishments for both political and criminal acts. In 1982, the regular court system was restored , but with the judges now trained in Islamic law. The Revolutionary Courts became a part of this court system, ruling in matters of "national security" such as drug trafficking and political and "anti-revolutionary"

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Venus GharehBaghi

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