Locus of e-Commerce

Locus of e-Commerce

An Empirical Exploration of e-Commerce Activities in Selected Cities of Gujarat State of India

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2014-04-15 )

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Information Technology [IT] revolution and spread of E-Commerce has radically revolutionized businesses and human lives. Internet is a worldwide technological phenomenon and has significantly influenced use of Internet & resultant experiences of Internet users. This book offers a conceptual framework of ‘E-Commerce’ and shares the results and key findings of an empirical exploration on the state of E-Commerce activities in the State of Gujarat and also literary review on ‘E-Commerce’ India and worldwide respectively. The authors have also attempted to offer concise review on selected aspects of ‘E-Commerce’ viz., uses of Internet & behaviour of Internet users, e-commerce, e-marketing, as well as selected e-services such as e-Gaming, e-Tourism and e-Banking respectively as well as experiences and opinions of Internet Users concerning navigational behaviour. The book also provides suggestions for the consideration by the marketers and Government respectively and unique features of the research study generate utility of this publication to the Academicians, Professionals, Marketers as well as Government having significance and crucial socio-economic implications respectively.

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Priti Nigam
Parimal H. Vyas

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