Design and Development of a Moving and Sorting Robot

Design and Development of a Moving and Sorting Robot

A beginner's guide to automating the assembly line

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-05-25 )

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The world has changed, many things possible today were unthinkable some years ago, and some of the things we have today will be obsolete in the next few years. Technology is at the forefront of these changes, which has become a valuable and essential tool in every critical sector today — one of the major sectors where technology plays a crucial role in manufacturing. Companies and businesses that are into manufacturing seek means to make more profit by cutting down costs; labour, time, running, capital, storage, and so on. In modern industry, especially in manufacturing, innovation by automating processes using technologies is implemented every day; these breakthroughs help companies improve the speed of their operations, the efficiency, reduce labour costs, and increase the capabilities of their facility. These benefits incentivise companies to invest in modern machines, such as Robots. This book highlights the importance of robotics and shows the process of building a small-sized robotic arm for an assembly line.

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Kelvin Umechukwu

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology