The book intends to critically evaluate the publications concerning the history of the Jews from Romania and Hungary (1945-1953) identified in Romania and Hungary, providing a description of historical context where the Jewish community developed its activity in the aftermath of the Second World War, when it severely reduced in terms of numbers, destroyed as community in terms of state of health of its members and materially affected by the consequences of the war. Nevertheless, even in the first years after the war they tried to re-build as members of of their community and later on to collaborate with the communist party for a better status or emigration in Israel. The most important issue of the time was the emigration of Romanian Jews in Israel and the negotiations which were pursued with the view of reaching this objective. From the volume, it results that the Jews were rather victims of the communism than beneficiaries, as it was often considered. Through the intermediation of the books and articles and of the collaboration with Jewish community from Oradea, author succeeded to know the Jews which come with their culture and traditions to enrich the cultural variety.

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Anca Oltean

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Contemporary history (1945 to 1989)