Secede to Dominate

Secede to Dominate

The Era of the “woke” Social Justice in the World of Radical Muslims

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-03-21 )

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As a result of globalism, in which certain Western elites have taken over the economic, social and political rule of the world, a new mode and state of mind has developed among the weaker and disadvantaged strata of society, both domestically within regimes which are considered unjust and even undemocratic, and amidst Muslim immigrants to the West. These unsatisfied people, like the Blacks in America, the Arabs in Israel, and other impoverished groups among the “oppressed” and the disinherited, are in fact rebelling against the existing order by creating a counter -state, something like the Chinese secret societies in the traditional Middle Kingdom, or the “causa nostra” of modern states, where they live separate in their enclaves from the mainstream of society, until such a day that they can secede and establish their own alternative social order. This is what is viewed as wokeism, which is standing a revolutionary trial of force since the November 2022 elections in Israel.

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Raphael Israeli

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Labor legislation, Social justice