Pre-Tib Practical Physics

Pre-Tib Practical Physics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-03-02 )

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This practical book is developed for the students came from centres of traditional education systems called Madarasa in India. This practical manual is significantly different from other manuals in many ways. The language of this manual is very simple and bilingual that one might expect to these students to understand. On the other hand, the theory/principle and physics terminology involved in the experiments are explained in detail.The broad objective of this laboratory manual is to help the students in performing laboratory based exercises in an appropriate manner so as to develop a spirit of enquiry in them. It is envisaged that students would be given all possible opportunities to raise questions and seek their answers from various sources. The whole manual has been presented under three sections (i) basic skills in physics practical (ii) experiments and (iii) appendices. The guidelines for conducting and recording each experiment has been presented under the headings: aim, apparatus and material required, theory, procedure, observations, calculations, results, precautions, and sources of error.

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Dr. Mohammad Shafique Anwar

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Theoretical physics