The onto-informational and phenomenological model

The onto-informational and phenomenological model

proposed by Mihai Drăgănescu. Its architecture and main characteristics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-01-30 )

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Is there another mode of hidden material reality that generates our everyday world? Mihai Drăgănescu says yes. His approach is focused on a new orthophysical reality. It is made up of meaning structures, mental information, which have a material support of a new matter called informatter. It is not the first time that an intermediate field between the Empirical and the Absolute Transcendent is imagined as called "Metaphysics". The essential difference is that, while other systems of human thought exist, they cannot highlight the spatio-temporality of this area, instead Mihai Drăgănescu does. And this because information, whatever its nature, cannot exist without a support to support it. Hence the difference between the two types of information that exist, one in the Physical (empirical) domains and the other in Orthophysics. Because in Orthophysics we meet, at Mihai Drăgănescu, with information-meaning, while in Physics with information-physical connection between physical objects. It can be said that nothing new appears because phenomenology, considered the true phenomenology, the Husserlian one and the others derived from it, also deals with "mental meanings".

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