Small - Medium Enterprise Businesses & Economy Digitization

Small - Medium Enterprise Businesses & Economy Digitization

Micro-economics & Macro-economics Perspective

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-01-06 )

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Microeconomics and macroeconomics are the two subcategories of economics. While macroeconomics examines the actions of nations and governments, microeconomics is the study of people and company decisions. Despite their apparent differences, these two areas of economics are in fact interrelated and beneficial to one another. There are numerous topics that are covered by both areas. While macroeconomics examines choices made by nations and governments, microeconomics analyses individuals and company decisions. Microeconomics is a bottom-up discipline since it emphasizes supply and demand as well as other factors that affect price levels. Macroeconomics employs a top-down perspective to examine the economy as a whole in an effort to ascertain its nature and future trajectory. The primary focus of microeconomics is on supply and demand as well as other factors that affect the economy's pricing levels. The analysis of the economy is done from the bottom up. The term Global Macro refers to the study and analysis of a wide range of macroeconomic variables, such as interest rates, currency values, governmental activities, and international interactions that facilitate economy of interest.

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Ugochukwu O. Matthew
Engr. Dr. Jazuli S. Kazaure
Samuel Bem Angwe

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