Restore Nature with SDGs via Mindset of Transformations

Restore Nature with SDGs via Mindset of Transformations

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-01-16 )

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The new book puts forward eloquently a mindset of transformative servant leadership. It does so through emphasizing values that would inspire the reader to pursue a wider perspective in understanding issues and to meet the expectations of self. The book demonstrates a green education model within a circular economy. It focuses on SDG/ ESG projects. One example is the use of NFT as a distribution channel which makes the buying and selling process transparent and efficient, as illustrated in the interviews with Anthony Leung and Vincent Lau. The book includes several transformative service leadership cases with research that would nurture a community with peace and harmony as well as innovation and transformation.An important SDG is #4.7: Knowledge Transfer. The contribution towards this goal by Dr. Yeung, a productive author who perseveres in her on-going publication efforts with academic research and incisive interviews, is significant. Her analysis based on case studies from different parts of the world should help readers develop higher order thinking skills needed in their career development and life planning.Dr. Darwin Chen, Emeritus President,UNESCO Hong Kong Association

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Dr. Shirley Mo Ching YEUNG

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