Pollution Risks of Aquatic Organisms and Public Health

Pollution Risks of Aquatic Organisms and Public Health

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-01-02 )

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Pollution is the negative change that occurs to one of the components of the environmental, which results in whole or in part from the vital and industrial human activity, in comparison with the natural situation that prevailed before human intervention, and begins to occur in energy changes, different radiation levels and unwanted biological, physical and chemical changes, that occur in the biosphere that surrounds us, in which all other living creatures live, and these changes can affect directly or indirectly the ecological balance through food, air, water and various agricultural products, and in this sense the environment pollutants are many and varied sources and have different meanings and effects. It is also defined as the quantitative and qualitative change - Accidental and intentional - that occurs to one or more elements of the environment and would harm the life of the organism and weaken the ability of ecosystems to continue its production Environmental pollution by toxicants has become one of the most important problems in the world, the three main types of pollution are: Land Pollution, Air Pollution and Water Pollution.

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Shahbaa Khalil
Mohamed Abdel-Raheem

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Agriculture, horticulture, forestry, fishery, nutrition