Human Being Seer a Gift that Contributes to Growth of the Human Psyche

Human Being Seer a Gift that Contributes to Growth of the Human Psyche

Growth of the Human Psyche by the work of a Seer that predicts past, present and future and the end of time

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2022-12-29 )

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Seers predict the future and speak for the Gods are diviners, oracles, prophets, and shamans, associated with Apollo. The Golden Fleece is a symbol of Kinship. Trojan horse with Greek soldiers hidden inside it overtook the city of Troy. Best Seer of Greek mythology Tiresias with the ability to foresee the future. Druids of Ulster in Ireland, foresaw the destruction of the kingdom. Norse Goddess Freyja a Seer had a divination or Seid going into a trance and answering questions about the future. Hindu mythology have wise and holy men called Seers or Sages. Haida of the Pacific Northwest, with the spirit Lagua spoke through a Shaman who talk her to use iron. Babylonian, Egyptian, and Greek Seers interpret dreams to predict the future, and warnings from Gods. Hebrew prophets Samuel Elijah, and Amos foretell the future, criticized religious practices they believed were wrong. The most known Seer in modern times Michel Nostradamus, in the 16th century. French Napoleonic Code classified married women, children, the insane, and criminals as legally incompetent. F. Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing. Believing that she had a calling from God to become nurse founded nursing school.

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